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Exemptions from Fair Housing Acts

Owner-occupied housing: 

Multifamily housing of ???? two to four units, where one of the units is owner-occupied, is exempt from fair housing laws.

Private clubs: 

An organization that restricts its membership may provide restricted housing to its members, as long as it doesn’t offer housing to the general public.

Public-law occupancy standards: 

Local maximum occupancy standards aren’t superseded in their application by the Fair Housing Act.

For example, if a local law provides a maximum occupancy of two people per bedroom and you rent out a studio apartment in a building you own, you can’t be forced to rent the apartment to a couple with a child.

Religious organizations: 

Housing sponsored by a religious organization may be restricted to members of that particular religious organization, provided the religion doesn’t discriminate in its membership policies.

Single-family housing

The sale or rental of a single-family house is exempted from the rules of the Fair Housing Act ????  if the owner doesn’t own more than three units at one time, and neither a broker nor discriminatory advertising is used.

???? If such a property is sold, no more than one house can be sold during every two-year period.

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