Blended Learning

Blended Learning became a staple of education for the Real Estate Training Institute that was born out of the COVID 19 health crisis.

As you know, many business’ were shut down to prevent the further spread of COVID.  The Real Estate Training Institute was declared an essential business.  Real Estate professionals were also declared essential. 

To keep real estate professionals active and in compliance with Mississippi License Law, Real Estate Training Institute invested in live-streaming equipment to give distanced learners an opportunity to attend live classes.

Although full self-paced online courses were available, they are not for everyone.  Some people do love the self-paced environment but others still preferred the classroom.

This is the history of the Real Estate Training Institute ‘s program called Everyone Everywhere.

By following the Mississippi Real Estate Commission and ARELLO’s specifications and mandatory controls for all three ways of learning, we are able to continue blended learning.

We aim to bering inclusive real estate education to everyone everywhere.

everyone everywhere learning
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