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Post-Salesperson’s Course

This course removes your temporary salesperson’s license.

Course Complexity: Standard

This course covers contemporary real estate information and issues that first-year agent can take with them throughout their career.

Thirty Hours of Instruction

30 hours divided by 8 hours a day = 3.75 days.

Only eight hours of study are allowed per 24 hours.  The course will self-lock if more than eight hours a day is attempted.

The timer begins on the date of enrollment.

Course Content

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Course Introduction
Real Estate Brokerage in General
Real Estate Brokerage for Mississippi
Advertising in Real Estate
Real Estate Agency
Antitrust in Real Estate
Fair Housing
Real Property Management
Mississippi Codes and Statutes for Real Property
Managing Earnest Money and Escrow/Trust Accounts
Property Condition and Area Disclosure
Complete the Final Steps
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